Pillar 4

Physical & Mental Well-Being

Physical & Mental Well-Being

Research shows that being in nature can make us feel happier, feel our lives are more worthwhile, and reduce our levels of depression and anxiety.

Physical activity is not only good for your body, it’s also great for your mind. August 19, 2021, Mental Health Foundation, UK
"A healthy mind in a healthy body'', "Mens sana in corpore sano", represents the ideal of human well-being.

A person is only healthy when they feel good both mentally and physically. 
This fourth pillar of a healthy lifestyle encompasses more than most people realize: physical activity and outdoor sports improve mood and are a viable means of treating depression and anxiety, as well as improving the mental well-being of the population.

Who doesn't want a positive body image? Feeling strong, attractive, and capable contributes significantly to a person's mental well-being.
In particular, physical activities and outdoor-sports practiced in interaction with other people offer a high chance of promoting these two positive and essential factors: physical and mental health. 

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