OACCUs Project Trailer: Four Pillars, One Mission

Our mission at Outdoor Against Cancer Connects Us (OACCUs):
Our project advocates for a healthy lifestyle among young cancer survivors:

  1. Physical Activity & Outdoor Sports: We encourage young cancer survivors and their communities to stay active and engage in outdoor sports to support and maintain their physical health and well-being.
  2. Balanced Nutrition: We raise awareness about balanced nutrition to promote overall health and recovery.
  3. Sustainability & Nature: We emphasize the importance of sustainability and connection to nature for mental and emotional well-being.
  4. Physical & Mental Well-being: Our goal is to promote young cancer survivors in a holistic way.

In our project trailer, you'll learn about the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle through the stories of four remarkable young cancer survivors. Their strength vividly demonstrates the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle, even in the most challenging moments.
We firmly believe that collective initiatives are a crucial part of educating and supporting young cancer survivors. The more, the better: Our project team welcomes all supporters.

How you can make a difference too?
Join us in supporting young cancer survivors. Share our trailer with your network. Only together can we make a difference.

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Concept, Idea & Production: Petra Thaller (OAC)
Direction, Camera, and Editing: Bojan Hadžiabdić and Zoran Kubura from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The OACCUs Team is looking forward to your questions and suggestions.