5th OACCUs Transnational Meeting in Cádiz: Achievements and Future Prospects

5th OACCUs Transnational Meeting in Cádiz: Achievements and Future Prospects
After two days of intensive project meetings in Cádiz, hosted by the University of Cádiz, under the coordination of Svenja Stöven, Umeå University. The OACCUs consortium has made significant strides across all agenda items. 

The meeting's highlights include the launch of the OACCUs Network Toolbox, a resource designed to support the healthy lifestyle of young cancer survivors based on OACCUs' four pillars. This innovative toolbox marks a significant milestone in our project, showcasing our commitment to providing practical support for our community.

Additionally, we are excited about the transnational closing event on May-16, which will feature live streaming from Stockholm and live connections to local events across Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden. This event will not only celebrate our achievements but also foster a sense of unity and shared purpose among all participants to sustainable implement the OACCUs support network for the target group of young cancer survivors, their families and friends and all professionals working in the field of healthcare. 

Rounding off our series of events is the European Closing Camp for young cancer survivors, set to take place in Palermo at the end of May [click here for further information]. This camp will be a culmination of our efforts, offering participants the opportunity to engage in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, networking, and emotional support.

Each of these events and launches is centered around the health and well-being of young cancer survivors, highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle as advocated by OACCUs. For more information on our approach to supporting survivors, please [click here].

As we move forward, the OACCUs consortium remains dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of young cancer survivors. We invite our community and stakeholders to join us in these upcoming events and to utilize the OACCUs Network Toolbox to support their journey towards a healthier life.

Author: Petra Thaller, OAC

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