Discover the OACCUs Network Toolbox – Your Key to a Healthy Life After Cancer

Discover the OACCUs Network Toolbox – Your Key to a Healthy Life After Cancer
Welcome to the dynamic world of the OACCUs Network Toolbox – your ultimate companion on the journey to a healthy and fulfilled life after cancer. Crafted with care and expertise, this toolbox is here to support young cancer survivors and their entire support network – families, friends, and professionals working with young cancer survivors.
Dive into eight vibrant sections:  
  1. Physical Activity & Outdoor Adventures: Programs and guides to empower you physically and spark your love for nature. 
  2. Balanced Nutrition: Practical nutrition tips and recipes specifically designed to support your recovery and health. 
  3. Sustainability & Nature: Advice on leading an eco-conscious lifestyle while enhancing your well-being. 
  4. Physical and Mental Well-being: Tools and techniques to boost your mental and emotional health. 
  5. Marketplace of Ideas: A platform for sharing innovative approaches and projects that enrich life after cancer. 
  6. Networking & Additional Resources: Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals to share experiences and find support. 
  7. Inspiration & Motivation: Stories that inspire and provide motivation to forge your own path. 
  8. Community: A safe space to exchange ideas, learn, and grow together. 
This toolbox is more than just a collection of resources; it's a community and a guide aimed at helping each of you to unlock your full potential.  
Ready? Let’s do this.  

Author: Nicole Stiegeler, OAC

The OACCUs Team is looking forward to your questions and suggestions.