The project team consists of 13 partners from 6 countries in Europe: Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal
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    Umeå University

    Umeå University is a comprehensive university covering research and education in medicine, science and technology, social sciences, arts and humanities, and educational sciences. As a knowledge-driven organisation, Umeå University is striving to provide students and staff with unique opportunities for learning and development – whilst simultaneously serving society with new knowledge and creative citizens. With expertise on medical sciences, gender, innovations, entrepreneurship, science and new ICT technologies, it can provide excellent support in transdisciplinary projects. 
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    Region Västerbotten

    Region Västerbotten is the leading provider of healthcare in Northern Sweden. The mission of Region Västerbotten is to offer and develop health, care and regional development together with people, businesses and social actors. The Region has an excellent track record in developing and evaluating health promotion and primary, secondary and tertiary prevention efforts in collaboration with society.
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    Outdoor Against Cancer

    Mission Statement of OAC:
    Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) is an international NGO dedicated to health education and disease prevention. OAC's mission is to educate and inspire people to be in control of their health - to go beyond traditional healthcare and embrace a more holistic view of well-being.

    We enable individuals to be advocates of their own health through evidence-based and trustworthy information and supportive communities in the four key pillars of a healthy lifestyle: (1) Physical Activity & Outdoor Sports, (2) Balanced Nutrition, (3) Sustainability & Nature, and (4) Physical & Mental Well-being - a holistic approach for human and planetary health.

    Vision of OAC:
    OAC’s vision is to help create a world where individuals and collectives can take command of their health and pursue holistic well-being - mind, body, and a deep connection to nature. Let’s rebel to be well. 

    OAC’s four key pillars:
    (1) Physical Activity & Outdoor Sports, (2) Balanced Nutrition, (3) Sustainability & Nature, and (4) Physical & Mental Well-being.
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    ESV München

    Biggest wide sporting club in Munich and second largest in Bavaria with nearly 8000 members. 33 different sports-departments, from athletics to team sports, 6 different martial arts, rehab, fitness studio, kids holiday club, kids sporting school with holistic concept, midday care. Since 2021 home sportsbase for OAC. Several trainers have an OAC license.  40 full-time employees (including 15 sports scientists) and about 300 exercise instructors. Why do we do all that? Keep people in motion and healthy,  educate young people and show them skills they probably won´t have the time to do later, To integrate and involve outsiders, newcomers, fellows of others nationality, refugees, people with handicap, help schools fulfill their educational tasks regarding sports. 
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    University of Patras

    It was founded in 1964 and it is the third largest University in Greece. It includes 35 Departments, hosts 161 laboratories and 17 fully equipped clinics. It counts more than 40000 students. Has acquired international prominence in research areas such as Health, Environment, Biotechnology, Mechanics, Electronics, Informatics and Basic Science. A number of its academic Departments, laboratories and clinics have been recognized as centres of excellence on the basis of international assessment. The School of Medicine is dedicated in its mission to offer an outstanding patients care, high quality education in both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and promoting the development of research. Incorporated in the Greek National Health Care system the tertiary University Teaching Hospital of Patras is deemed to offer high quality medical service. Department of Public Health, has main areas of expertise environmental Epidemiology, Health promotion, Risk assessment and also runs the Postgraduate Course in Public Health.
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    CRETHIDEV is a Greek non-profit company aiming at community development through research and development of action plans, focused on the local and social economies, mainly on the fields of life-long learning, employment, sports, environmental protection and local development. The company establishes close cooperation with local and regional authorities, government authorities and business associations in order to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.
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    University of Palermo

    The University of Palermo was founded in 1806 and it is one of the 11 big Universities in Italy. It counts more than 40 000 students, with an offer of 66 Bachelor's degree courses, 69 Master's degree courses, and 23 PhD courses. Among these courses, UNIPA currently awards 5 double degrees (1st and 2nd cycle) and 7 joint Phd titles, and it is engaged in inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreements with 24 European Union Countries. The Department of Psychology, Educational Science and Human Movement (SPPEFF) was founded in 1987 with the aim to promote its research activity. It is made up of three different areas, that are Psychology, Education and Human Movement. The staff of the Department is made up of 77 Research Units, 11 Administrative Persons and more than 25 part-time Collaborators. 
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    CEIPES - International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development - is a global and non-profit association founded in Palermo in 2007 and with antennas in more than 30 European countries.

    CEIPES works at local, European and international level in synergy with more than 100 organisations, bodies and institutions with the objective of improving methodologies and technologies in the field of education, developing innovative strategies and participatory tools in the work with youth and adults, in the field of education and research through local and international cooperation.
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    LILT Palermo

    LILT Palermo APS - Lega Italiana Lotta contro i Tumori - operates as a non-profit and its main activities are about creating moments of information, training on correct lifestyles, secondary prevention and early diagnosis, psychological assistance to cancer patients and their family members, functional rehabilitation of cancer patients, humanization of diagnosis and treatment facilities. Our mission is to participate in a process of health education that allows the acquisition of the culture of prevention and early diagnosis not only in the field of oncology but to protect health in general, both physical and mental. The goal is to ensure each person the best overall prevention, the best information and awareness, and the best possible treatment in the diagnostic and therapeutic field. 
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    University of Cadiz

    The University of Cadiz (UCA) is a public university located in Cadiz (Spain). It was founded in 1979. It offers 61 degrees and more than 20,000 students. It has recently been chosen among the 10 best universities in Spain in Sports Sciences. One of the key pillars of the UCA is research in different fields of knowledge. It stands out, among other lines, research in physical activity and health with the research group MOVE-IT led by Dr David Jiménez-Pavón as one of the most prolific.
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    Universidad de Coimbra

    The University of Coimbra (UC) is a public higher education institution located in city of Coimbra in the Centre Region of Portugal. Founded in 1290, The University is a true icon of Portugal not only in Europe and in Portuguese-speaking territories and countries, but also in the world. UC has a unique tangible and intangible heritage, keystone in the scientific culture of Europe and the World, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013 and integrates the 5 STARS QS Stars University Ratings.

    It is a leading institution that offers education and research in all study levels and in nearly all study fields. Coimbra is a university city, with internationally renowned professors and a cosmopolitan student body in one of the most influential universities in the world. With more than seven centuries of history UC is at the forefront of research always looking into the future, with 330 Courses, 25188 Students; 3000 academic and technical staff; 1753 Professors; 1197 Researchers and 38 Research Centres.
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    Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre

    Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre (CHUC) is the biggest Portuguese hospital having a comprehensive research, teaching and patient-centred care approach. Our mission is to deliver high-quality clinical care in a context of pre and postgraduate training with a strong focus on research, scientific knowledge and innovation. We offer comprehensive care across all major medical and surgical specialities. CHUC´s excellence centres ensure high standard healthcare services.
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    Portuguese Cancer League

    The Portuguese Cancer League (Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro) is a non-profit non-governmental organization, declared by law as an entity of public utility (with social relevant aim). Founded in 1941, it’s the national reference entity in the support for cancer patients, families and caregivers; health promotion; cancer prevention and support to research and training on oncology field.

    The League´s activities are developed throught 5 regional branches. The Centre Branch, with headquarters in Coimbra, develops its activities in 78 counties and to a population of approximately to 2 million inhabitants. Cancer screening, cancer health education, psychosocial support and volunteering (accredited with the level of excellence by the Portuguese Volunteer Confederation) are areas of particular social intervention.

The OACCUs Team is looking forward to your questions and suggestions.