WHO Health for All Film Festival 2023 officially selects Outdoor Against Cancer Connects Us - OACCUs short film “CHOOSE the HEALTHy way” in the category "Very Short Film - Special Prize" 
Concept, idea and production of the short film: Petra Thaller, founder and president of Outdoor Against Cancer and cancer survivor.
Directing, camera and editing: Bojan Hadžiabdić and Zoran Kubura from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From over 780 entries submitted, the WHO selected a shortlist of 90 films. OACCUs’ entry “CHOOSE the HEALTHy way” was officially selected as one of the 15 films within the category “Special Prize: Very Short Film”. 

“Films are a powerful way to raise awareness, improve understanding and encourage positive behaviour changes.” – WHO (October 28,  2022) 
For the fourth year now, the WHO Health for All Film Festival (HAFF) has set out to find progressive film and video developers with the goal to shed light on important health issues. The EU co-funded Project OACCUs (Outdoor Against Cancer Connects Us) has answered that call with the production of their very own Short Film. 
“CHOOSE the HEALTHy way” draws attention to a group of people that is often overlooked: Young Cancer Survivors 
The protagonists: Four Europeans from Greece, Portugal and Spain who successfully fought cancer at the ages of 14, 19 and 23. Their personal stories are gripping. The pictures speak for themselves.  

The goal: Healthier Lifestyle Behaviors 
OACCUs hopes that their submission and this nomination will increase the awareness for Young Cancer Survivors needs and encourage others to take actions that lead towards healthier lifestyle behaviors. The four project pillars of physical activity & outdoor sports, balanced nutrition, sustainability & nature, and physical & mental health play an important role in cancer prevention, reducing side effects during therapy, and decreasing cancer recurrence. 

In the following weeks the jury, including WHO senior experts and prominent supporters like Sharon Stone, will recommend winners to WHO’s Director-General, who is in charge of the final decision. The winners will be announced during the HAFF virtual Awards Ceremony in early June 2023. 

The EU-funded Project OACCUs (OAC  Connect Us) champions the target group of Young Cancer Survivors. The consortium of scientists, stakeholders, and NGOs, however, thinks bigger than most. In addition to physical activity and outdoor sports exercise and balanced nutrition, they also address sustainability and nature, and physical and mental health as important fundamental pillars of a healthy lifestyle. When these 4 aspects are in balance, most young cancer survivors have a healthy future ahead of them.

Author: Petra Thaller, OAC; Nicole Stiegeler, OAC 

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